About AccessFuel

Rob Imrie, CEO & Founder, Accessfuel

“We’ve seen data mining radically alter business practices in many other industries. Now, AccessFuel is bringing that kind of advanced insights and competitive advantage to the events industry.”

— Rob Imrie, CEO & Founder

Our Belief is that as our lives become more and more entrenched in our online worlds, connecting offline is becoming more valuable. As such, offline events are playing an important part of our lives today — be it for networking, learning, connecting or positioning our brands, products and services.

Our Vision is a world where the information/data that surrounds events will be understood in ways which power data-driven decisions and result in greater ROI on events for all stakeholders (producers, sponsors, exhibitors and attendees). Or as we like to call it, ROE — Return on Events. All stakeholders benefit.

Our Platform combines all of your existing data from multiple sources to create a complete view of “who’s in the room®” and then enables you to analyze, enhance and visualize your data so you can make intelligent, data-driven decisions that maximize revenue.

Meet Some of our Leadership Team

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