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Three Components of ROE

Three Components of ROE (Return on Event)

  • 27th Nov, 2017

Before I joined AccessFuel as VP of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships, I spent 15 years as an event producer. And I still produce events, so I’m in the trenches right along with you.

During my time working in events, I’ve observed some best practices—and not-so-best practices. For example, event producers are often not fully aware of who the event audience will really be. We may want a younger demographic to turn out for our event, but that’s not who shows up.

Setting clear objectives from the event’s inception is the key.
That way, you get what we at AccessFuel call ROE: Return on Event.

Three Components of ROE
How about new sponsorship opportunities?

Want to Sell More Tickets and Sponsorships to Your Events?

  • 25th Oct, 2017

Are you missing opportunities to sell additional sponsorships? As an event producer, that question might keep you up at night. But to fix the problem? It’s all about event analytics. You just need some smart people to take a deep look at your event data, your attendee list, your existing sponsors, and deliver some amazing insights so you can sell tickets to the right audience and match your events with the right sponsors. Sound good?

By analyzing and enhancing your event data, AccessFuel unlocks insights that enable you to make data-driven decisions that result in optimized event marketing, relevant programming, increased revenue and return on investment. Get started today with a database assessment and opportunity report for only $247. Click here to learn more and upload your data now.

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TEDx Santa Monica

Infographic: Who’s in the Room? at TEDxSanta Monica

  • 12th Dec, 2015

Do you know who’s in the room at your events? Understanding your audience is critical to selling more tickets, finding more sponsorships, and planning a successful event. That’s why AccessFuel provides organizers with insight into their attendees’ characteristics at a deeper level: their work life, their demographics, their event habits, and more.

In the following infographic, you can see how AccessFuel helps TEDxSanta Monica better understand who’s in the room at their events using AccessFuel’s proprietary data-analytics and insights platform.

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