Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The same way marketers have used platforms to better understand and effectively target audiences for many years, events now can too. We call it the AccessFuel Event Management Platform (EMP).

Is AccessFuel a product or service?

We’re both. We’re product first, combined with the option for professional and managed services.

Every project begins by connecting your data – essentially digitizing your event so that insights can be unlocked. Then we surface intelligence from your data.

We also offer a professional services component, that leverages a deeper level of data-science to ensure your data is aligned with your business goals and objectives and results in the best outcome.

The platform ensures your connected data is optimization on an ongoing basis, so you get real-time insights – whether before, during or after your event.

When’s the best time to begin?

When do you want to begin making strategic, data-driven decisions?

For most, it’s immediately. Your data is flowing between platforms every day… new data is coming in every minute and your Organization is using it to market, sell and plan your next event. Whether you’re weeks or months away from your next event, or just recovering from your last one, the best time is NOW.

How do I get Started?

The first step is to create an account and connect your data. You can begin by simply selecting one of your platforms (e.g.: ticketing/reg) and uploading a csv/xls file. We’ll tell you what you’ve got in a ‘Data Scan Report’.

You can also contact us and we’ll walk you through the process.

What size events it AccessFuel best suited for?

Medium to Large Events – by attendee size and/or volume (e.g.: frequency). That said, we offer 2 types of services – Enterprise (typically 5,000+ attendees) and self-serve (under 5,000 attendees).

We’re well suited for Organizations who run dozens, even hundreds, of smaller events each year as well as those who host one or two marquee events over a few days.


How does it work?

We transform raw, disparate and underperforming silo’d data into supercharged data you use to grow your events. There are 3 core areas to our offering; connect + unify (clean), verify + enrich (supercharge), action + monetization (sell).

The result is revenue growth (from existing and new streams) and the ability to make data-driven decisions that create ROI Positive Events.

What do I get?

In terms of deliverables, you get two things; 1) access to a Dashboard where you can manage and get views into your data and 2) reports that surface the most meaningful insights for you to take action.

What do I do with it (the results)?

A lot of insights! Also recommendations for taking data-driven action. Your team will be empowered to immediately take action in the core areas of your event – marketing, sales and production. Things like how to increase ticket sales, sponsor/exhibitor sales and create the ideal journeys and experiences for your attendees.

How did you come up with the idea of Audience Intelligence for Live Events?

We wanted to create the ideal, ROI Positive events. Our team comes from a background in events – both producing and the tech (eventtech) behind them and we figured there was a better way to understand “who’s in the room?” and “who’s in our data?”. And so it all began.