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Data Science as a Service

AccessFuel analyzes, enhances and visualizes data.
We apply data science to create insights that generate new revenues and help customers understand “Who’s in the Room®”.

Audience Intelligence

Audience Intelligence

  • Analyze and clean customers data
  • Trend and opportunity analysis
  • Audience and customer personas
 Acquisition, Conversion & Retention

Acquisition, Conversion & Retention

  • Identify new prospects
  • Shorten sales cycles
  • Use data to cross- and up-sell
Sales & Marketing ROI

Sales & Marketing ROI

  • More effective campaigns to increase acquisition
  • Deep understanding of prospects and conversion opportunities
  • Increase value to existing customers
  • Budget optimization
  • Proof behind the numbers —what’s working and why

Who Benefits From Audience Intelligence

Our focus is the events industry, where AccessFuel empowers event-driven organizations (event organizers and marketers), with the ability to make intelligent, data-driven decisions quickly and easily. The result is maximizing revenues and understanding return on investment.



How AccessFuel Works

Upload Your Data

Step 1. Upload Your Data

Drop your XLS or CSV files into our system.

Upload Your Data
Analyze Your Data

Step 2. Analyze Your Data

Using our proprietary engine, we perform a 32 point scan and analysis of your data to identify patterns, detect gaps, remove duplicates and visually display top line trends.

Enhance Your Data

Step 3. Enhance Your Data

Once your data has been analyzed, AccessFuel enhances your audience data by appending each record with more than 12 key attributes that unlock insights and drive new revenues. Turn your raw data into validated “personas” you can use to sell more tickets, sell more sponsorships and produce better events.

Enhance Your Data

Step 4. Visualize Your Data

To help you get actionable insights out of your data and assess your event ROI, AccessFuel provides more than 21 “out-of-the-box” visualizations of your event and attendee data including, ticket sales, marketing reports, personas, audience details and even sponsor insights — all built just for you.

AccessFuel Data Visualization

Get a Detailed, Actionable Intelligence Report:

AccessFuel Audience Intelligence Report

Summarize your customer data and unlock opportunities. Our Insight Reports enable data-driven decisions that are meaningful, measurable, monetizable, and most importantly, actionable:

  • Increase Audience Intelligence
  • Optimize Acquisition Channels
  • Unlock new revenue streams
  • Assess and Improve Marketing ROI

Unlock Your Key Personas

How many different customer profiles do you have hiding in your data?

AccessFuel Audience Personas
  • Optimize marketing efforts by targeting the right people on the right channels.
  • Understand how many different customer profiles exist in your database.
  • Find look alikes to increase the size of your database and generate more leads.