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creating your successful event data roadmap and getting to Audience Intelligence


AccessFuel's Products

Today's Event Data Is Everywhere

Our average client uses between 10-15 platforms to manage their event businesses
Event Platforms

Making sense of "Who is in the room" and "Who is in the data" has never been more challenging

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Based on over 25 years in events and data, AccessFuel has created four products to help Event Organizers and Marketers get the most out of the data and platforms they already have:

  1. Scan - Get to know your data and its health, for free
  2. Enhance - Fill the gaps in your data identified in the Scan to get to know your audiences
  3. Insights - Use our data scientists and A.I. to surface opportunities in sales, marketing and operations
  4. Action - Keep all of your attendees up to date and segmented without even having to think about it

Event Optimization: understanding people, sales, content and marketing to make events successful

Product Overviews

Your bespoke platform and solutions to create your own Event Data Layer
Scan (free)

Scan (free)

Just getting started with data can be an intimidating process. We've made it super simple and hands-free. Get a full analysis of everything you've got and a clean data set back. And best of all, we've made it free because we want you to succeed and get started with confidence.


Once you have a better understanding of your data. We show you how to Supercharge it using our People Engine. You get to choose from hundreds of attributes, combine the data, identify Personas and get a Supercharged data set back for immediate use.


With your newly minted, Supercharged data, we can run your data through our A.I. to surface insights and opportunities on how to take action immediately.  Our oddly attractive data scientists walk you through each step.


Once you're super smart and SuperCharged, we make sure your data is always up to date in all of your platforms.  On a daily basis, we ingest, clean, enhance and re-insert your data so you always have peace of mind and are always up to date.

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