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AccessFuel Action transforms your data into ongoing data enhancement that grows your business, without you needing to think about it. On a continuous basis, you receive:
  • Real-time ingestion of your data from multiple platforms
  • CRM hosting, cleaning and immediate updates
  • Data verification, cleaning and enhancements
  • Real-time Identification and Tagging of Personas
  • Push the supercharged data back to your platforms
  • Regular Insights Reports surfacing new trends, flags and opportunities

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    What You Receive

    Continued value in a single, automated workflow. Set up once and we’ll do the rest.
    Supercharged Data all the Time

    As new data flows into your platforms, it connects to our Platform and we ensure it’s merged, enhanced and ready for action. We'll even merge it back into your existing platforms if you like.



    Powerful Search to Target Specific Personas

    Dive into your (always current and enhanced) contacts and surface specific personas through custom searches that surface the exact groups you want to communicate with. Export it right then or use it in the platforms you already use and love

    Monitoring, Flagging & Reporting

    Peace of mind that your data is being monitored. We’ll let you know if you need to be aware of any potential issues - as well as opportunities.



    How It Works

    From your dashboard simply connect your platforms once and AccessFuel takes care of the rest.
    You Provide/Connect as Many Platforms As You Like:

    Audience, transactional and analytics data get seamlessly blended together so you can access the most meaningful, monetizable and actionable data. The more platforms the better.

    We Do All The Work - Automatically!:

    Combining / unifying / relaying all your data and identifying gaps, opportunities and patterns using our platform in real-time.



    You Take Action At Will:

    Communicate more effectively and increase marketing acquisition, conversion and retention rates. Sales receive the audience support to be able to credibly answer the question “who’s in the room”.


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    Actions: Auto-Pilot For Always Current & Supercharged Events Data
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