Combine. Clean. Analyze
The AccessFuel Scan gives you a free scan of your data and provides you with:
  • The quality level "health" of all your data combined
  • A unified view of what and who is in your data
  • Gaps in your data & recommendations for enhancements
  • A clean, fresh data set you can understand

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    What You Receive - Yes Free

    A snapshot of the health of your data to understand what you've got as well as a the game-plan to monetize it.
    A Snapshot of All of Your Data

    Assess all of your combined event data in one place with easy to understand scoring, ratings and segmentation identification.


    Summary Report for a Deeper Look

    Understand data gaps, patterns and areas to focus on. Get recommendations on enhancement opportunities.

    Combined & Cleaned Data Set

    A single, merged view of your data for immediate use.

    How It Works

    Immediate tools and understanding to improve marketing, sales & operations so you can begin making data-driven decisions.
    You Provide As Many Platforms As You Like:

    Audience, transactional and analytics data get seamlessly blended together. The more you can provide, the deeper and more relevant the results!

    We Do The Heavy Lifting For You:

    Combining / unifying all your data and identifying gaps, opportunities and patterns with/using our platform.


    You Get An Immediate Understanding:

    Squeaky clean data back with clear recommendations for improving your data quality and quantity.


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    A no-commitment view of your data from event data specialists
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    Begin by signing up for your account, which will set you up with instructions and the ability to share data securely

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    Guided Support

    One of our enthusiastic customer success team Members (“Fuelers”) will be in touch quickly to walk you through the quick and easy next steps (a 10 minutes commitment).