We are Audience Intelligence for Events

Our platform combines all of your existing data from multiple sources for any type of event to create a complete view of “who’s in the room®” and who is in your data. We help you analyze and enhance your data so you can make intelligent, data-driven decisions that maximize revenue for you and your customers. Our solutions include:

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Enhance. Verify. Personify.


Intel. Plan. Monetize.


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What Our Clients Say

Adrian Roup

Adrian Roup

Director of Sponsorships, TedXSantaMonica

The service provided by AccessFuel is a game changer for us. Laser accurate data that is relevant, erudite, and brilliantly contextual makes our job of selling sponsorships and earning repeat attendances easy.

Christen De Costa

Christen De Costa

Co-Founder, REACH Festival

AccessFuel provided REACH with untapped potential within our network, giving us insights and analytics that would otherwise have gone unnoticed. AccessFuel's data science capabilities have provided us with a treasure trove of insights we could only have wished for.

Jo Beyersdorfer

Jo Beyersdorfer


Proving ROI or just the success of an event to a client is very difficult. For the first time I now have actual data to present. It makes my services more valuable and my future events more successful.

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